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Chatbots and the E- Commerce Industry: The Benefits

Chatbots are gaining popularity very rapidly. In this growing world, it is very important to find various innovative ways to grow your business, and for that, it is a good way to inculcate technology for the expansion and increase sales, especially in online business. Chatbots are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate with the world and most importantly with their customers, the accelerated development of all kinds of sensors, wearables and what not. So what is a chatbot exactly?

A chatbot is nothing but an automated technology used to make human assistance easier. It is a computer (Artificial Intelligence) program, aided by rules, which simulates a real conversation with users via a chat interface. In simple language, a chatbot is simply a computer bot that chats or interacts with the customers. It is used by various e-commerce firms to increase sales by helping the customers at every juncture of product queries. It is a beneficial tool in increasing sales and adding an innovative and personal touch to the website. Here is an introductory video on what a chatbot is:

Why should a website use a Chatbot?

Adopting the chatbot technology will give you a major advantage as a marketer over competitors and other companies. These programs allow casual and informative conversations with people. As these technologies have a large database of questions and answers, they extract only the necessary information and serve it to the customer. Check out our Facebook Bot

Talking about the numerous benefits of chatbots, here are few on the same –

1. Saves Money –

A chatbot can be a good alternative for hiring more employees. In the field of customer service, it is estimated that up to 30% of the cost can be saved by just changing the role-play of employees with that of chatbots. It helps in cutting down operational costs drastically and raise the productivity of the agents. It is a very useful, comprehensive and economic tool for any organization. Also, it helps in bringing a cool touch to your company or e-commerce business. Using chatbots that act like human agents, you will not only save on employee costs but you will also avoid the consequences caused by human errors.

2. Improved Customer Service –

It is estimated according to various surveys that almost 85% of online shoppers need help while shopping. A chatbot can be a great help in the provision of help while shopping according to their budget, needs, etc. a chatbot provides real-time assistance like a salesperson in a physical shop. It asks you interactive questions and helps you as a real-time salesperson. This provides the audience with extensive customer care services.

3. Resolution Speed –

As chatbots are available on e-commerce sites 24/7, it, in turn, results in increasing the resolution speed of the site. A chatbot can tap into a database and can provide results to various different questions immediately. Even if the customer needs human assistance, the chatbot cuts to the chase directly and connects an online on work agent to the customer. This helps in the optimized use of the time of the agents as well as of the customers.

4. Consistent evaluation and optimization –

Chatbot helps to create a learning cycle, devising necessary changes based on the analysis and then observing the difference your optimizations make towards achieving definitive goals, thus enabling constant and consistent evaluation. Several of its features include adding new products, pricing changes, broadcasting new and more attractive offers, incorporating additional information on the brand, varying invites, and welcome messages, etc.

5. Increases Productivity –

Right answers are answered according to the question of the customer and the audience seeking help. This helps inaccessibility of e-commerce and hence the growth of it. Certainly, chatbots are easy to create and run.

6. Proactive Customer Interaction –

Normally, most of the companies that have an online business are in use of ‘Passive Customer Service’, this means that they do not interact with the customers until and unless they are asked directly for the same. But in today’s contemporary world, where the companies are in a spur of competition, most cannot afford to lose the race of being the best. Here, Chatbots come into play where they act as an interactive tool to communicate with the customers.

7. Increased Customer Engagement –

It is very important for a company to keep its customers engaged in their business, be it online or offline. With the help of chatbots, customer engagement has gotten easier and more interactive. A conventional customer service interface usually provides more information than it receives from the users. This is unlike a chatbot, which gives only a slice of information at a time and makes it sound interactive in the form of a conversation. Likewise, they don’t bore a person with unnecessary and irrelevant information and cut to the chase as to what is asked by the audience in need.

8. Easy Approach to Global Markets –

Regardless if you are already an international brand with customers all over the world or a local brand who is ready for global business, chatbots can solve your customer care problems in multiple languages and 24/7, every day of the year. This is what companies are striving for nowadays. It allows your business to scale up its operations to new markets (expanding to new countries) without having to worry about multiplying incoming requests to be handled. This helps in easier inclusion of companies from various countries into the domestic markets.

9. Rapid and Increasing Growth in Messenger apps:

According to an online report, it is estimated that more than 65% of smartphone users do not download a new application every month. This is so as they have their core apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc, they do not feel the need to fill their phone storage. Therefore, making your own chatbot in an application into one of the popular platforms that your customers use daily, can be more useful than building a new app by saving money and time. Messaging apps will very soon leverage on power tools such as chatbot to deliver smarter and better involvement with the customers. When used in the right effective way, interactive apps can leverage business and make it stronger against competitors.

10. Cost of Ads -

The use of Messenger Bots also decreases the cost of advertisements. This is so as a chatbot can help you run direct-to-messenger ads, which have a far better open rate and inturn low avg. CPC. Chatbots act as a good way to increase turnover. If you want to spend less for more, get more engagement, and follow-up contact information, Facebook click-to-Messenger ads are where all of this is available. Along with more conversions at a lower cost, this ad type gives businesses customer contact information and the unique, unequaled opportunity to follow up with relevant offers and messages. Feel free to reach out to us, we can help you run highly optimized and profitable Facebook Ads campaigns.

Concluding the topic, the biggest advantages of chatbots include being able to reach a wide audience on messenger apps, as well as the ability to automate personalized messages. Chatbots not only increase your productivity, but they are also the most effective way to interact with your customers. Leveraging the benefits of this technology will help your company generate greater success and profits.

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For a final summary of all explained, here is a video for additional reference-

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